About Primitive

Born in Jamaica, I was raised in London and have lived the life of a nomad for most of my life! My love of music and reggae have taken me to the four corners of the earth, and taught me to appreciate music in all its forms... My love of Jazz and Reggae has led me to create my own unique type of music called "Rasta Jazz", or "Razz" for short! I started recording in the mid seventies in Toronto, Canada, and have done work and shows in Japan, England, New York, as well as Brasil and Sweden - where I am concentrating at the moment. 

Since 2011 due to the fact the music industry underwent enormous complete changes I decided to start my own independent record label (Sugilite Records) which would enable me to take full control of my music from start to finish including releasing it to the public.I have since then launched various works including albums Ep’s and singles for my self as well as other artist’s. 

In 2017 I was invited to perform once again at the Carnaval in Salvador Bahia by the band Kebra Negast which was an enormous success . I have enjoyed playing at the Carnaval in Salvador Bahia (Brasil) 5 times, and have toured throughout most of the country either alone or with other popular bands : I have also produced and participated in many shows in Switzerland including the Swiss Reggae Festival where I headlined along side Jahta Dreadluv ,Charlie Saints and General Sandoz . I have also created RazzRadio since the end of 2017 and have for the last 2 years partnered with Jahtaradiolive developed by Jahta Dreadluv broadcasting 2 shows Ratid and Mixedbag 4 times per week , Some of the artist’s of whom I’ve with are listed below .

Clinton Fearon from the Gladiators
Black Uhuru
, Andrew Tosh,
 Africa Bambata
 and many others... 

My greatest love and passion is being able to share my music with my friends and extended family and my wish is that everyone that listens to it enjoys it and gets something from it, much like I did with those that influenced me...

I am currently working on a new project which includes some new songs, as well as some hip-hop reggae in the near future, so stay tuned!! Blessings and peace to all who I may touch in this world... 

 One love, Primitive .. Influences:
My influences come from all types of music I have heard all over the world. I always try to take the best of what I hear and translate it into something more personal... my feelings of what that music meant to me. Of course, my main inspiration still comes from most of the legends: Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Sam Cook, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and the Beatles - but a few have had personal influence in my life, such as Miles Davis. Sounds Like:
I like to think that my music sounds like NOTHING you have ever heard before... the soothing sounds of Jazz mixed with the Rythm and Flow and Heart of Reggae creates the blend of what I call "Rasta Jazz"!!

I will let you decide in your heart what moves you, and what the sounds mean to you... Record Label: